Words by | Laura Sheldon

This was a fun project to be part of, it gave me a chance to focus & be disciplined on documenting my ideas in between the hectic London lifestyle. It was good to think about the sketchbook as a whole and how to use the pages effectively.

I really enjoyed having my little book on me and being able to escape wherever I was at the time. Turning my music up loud and doodling is my favourite thing.

It gave me a chance to loosen up my drawing and not to be to precious about the final result. I find my best ideas come out of exploration and making mistakes.

When you work commercially it becomes hard to find the time to keep sketching and developing due to tight deadlines.

Adjusting to drawing on the go is good practice. This opportunity highlighted the important of drawing regularly and exploring to keep your ideas fresh even if it's not perfect. My favourite on the go drawing experience is on the bus as you can't really control what you draw making for some funny mistakes.

A massive thanks from Gather.ly to Laura for braving this sketchbook challenge, we love what she's done with the blank pages and how she turned them into tiny works of art!

If you'd like to see more from Laura then we suggest you check out her site here www.laurasheldon.co.uk